Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thank You Meredith Rice

Photograph of Meredith Rice's last painting. Sent to me by Sonia and Neil Nelson, thank you. It is called "Transformations." From her Healing Cancer series.

Date: Jun 17, 2012 4:53 PM
Hi friends and family,
I've just finished my latest "Healing Cancer" painting called Transformations. In it I am seated like the Traditional Buddhist goddess of Compassion and healing "Tara". Behind me is my healing animal totem, the white Bengal Tiger. From the picc [?] line in my arm my blood flows to become a bouquet of roses, my stock tube becomes a blue lotus. One foot is ready to touch the earth and begin the journey. Paisley symbolizes the rich possibilities that lie ahead. the black cosmic circles remind me that there are many worlds in this seemly simple earthly place, home. the circles of color about my head are healing; all are  aspects of light and Love.

I feel serene and balanced , as I felt during painting this painting meditation that I worked on for the past month. I will be beginning a new painting this week.the painting is 24' by 24" acrylic on canvas.
                                                                                                  All my Love and Light.
                                                                                                                              A. Meredith

Meredith Rice 1945-2012
birthday postcard collage from Meredith Rice

beleagered collage residing in our kitchen for years serving as a kind of protector
by Meredith Rice

damaged pastel and line drawing by Meredith Rice - nevertheless evocative . . .

three friends (thank you Sandra Feldman & on the right is Sonia Nelson)

See this booklet at Lotsa, Larry Goodell
(I just this day 12/26/2019 scanned and posted all of this little booklet made 
by Meredith, a gift for the birth of my son)

Thank you Meredith Rice for a beautiful decorated collaged Constant Comment tea box gift in 1968.
I wrote a little poem that can be cut in strips (each starting with "HELLO" and placed in the tea box and pulled out at random to read. I just today made a collage of some of Meredith's images and others that might be relevant to go with this poem, since I no longer have the box.

I wrote the above as a thank you but I don't know if it got to Meredith.


Letter from Meredith, April 1976


Finally, here is the poem I wrote for the Marriage of Meredith Rice and poet Bill Pearlman.

Love to all, and in memory of and grateful for her accomplishments, Meredith's warm and colorful and generous work and life . . . . thank you. Larry Goodell - Placitas, New Mexico - larrynewmex@gmail.com

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