Monday, October 20, 2014

Escape At Home, a Playlet

Escape At Home

(clock ticking)

Woman.    How did you fix the syringe on the clock?

Man.         (reading paper) With bathtub grease. (pause)
                  What do you know, the aphids have taken over Brazil.

Woman.    I wonder if Barbara got out. I better call her.
                  Remember when she had a mud pack on
                  & the butterflies swarmed?

                  She ended up covered with them.

Man.         And hates butterflies.

Woman.    (has dialed)
                  Barbara! – (pause) You got out of the aphids?
                  Oh, in Venezuela.

                        The entire country is filling up with cold turkey soup?

                  You got out of there. Well now you’re safe at home.
                  Home is the best escape, don’t you think.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico /feb89

Photograph is of dear friend P A Blalock outside the adobe Roundhouse up in Dome Valley, Placitas, New Mexico

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