Saturday, July 14, 2012

On (origin of "Lang-goiter-age Poet")

Card front and back. Audience sees the drawing of a wall light switch. I read from the "instruction" side. I use a pull chain light socket (which you can hear being turned on & off) . . . I think this is the first time I used the clumsy term "Lang-goiter-age Poet" for the then raging current fashion of writing, especially in San Francisco . . . (written in '84)

audience side of card

poet's side of card

Gaston La Plume, or as he often preferred, Gaston LePlum, was a visage that claimed to write some of my poems, as he did this one in 1984. One time in a gallery in San Francisco I saw a very elegant gentleman signing the guest registry and when I went up and checked the signature it was GASTON LA PLUME. So I have seen the gentleman but have never met him but he does insist on his presence on rare occasions in my life.

bastille day, 2012

Thus Slam

Langoiterage poets devastated the New American poetry and criticism and the MFA glut continues this in acanemia. Thus slam.

Americans love audiences & understand competition above all. Something had to fill the vacuum. Thus slam.

Dr. Elmo Acadork, 2010