Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thank You Meredith Rice

Photograph of Meredith Rice's last painting. Sent to me by Sonia and Neil Nelson, thank you. It is called "Transformations." From her Healing Cancer series.

Meredith Rice 1945-2012
birthday postcard collage from Meredith Rice

beleagered collage residing in our kitchen for years serving as a kind of protector
by Meredith Rice

damaged pastel and line drawing by Meredith Rice - nevertheless evocative . . .

three friends (thank you Sandra Feldman & on the right is Sonia Nelson)

(I hope to scan and present all of this little booklet made by Mereditn, 
a gift for the birth of my son)

Thank you Meredith Rice
for a beautiful decorated collaged Constant Comment tea box gift in 1968

I wrote the above as a thank you. I regret to say I no longer have the box-gift.

Letter from Meredith, April 1976

finally, here is the poem I wrote for the Marriage of Meredith Rice and Bill Pearlman

love to all, and in memory and accomplishment, Meredith's warm and colorful and generous work and life . . . . thank you, larry

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Eye of the Lizard from 2 pages in Notebook #8 1969 - Larry Goodell

Eye of the Lizard

under the old cottonwood tree
down in the arroyo

.dirt & seeds over my legs & loins
.lizard, probably a baby
Come here.          (he did)
gentle talk
his eye
I sat down
he didn’t move.
eye within eye, cunt.
I’ve seen/communicated with you before!

(in vision of the Eagle’s
eyes - one at a time -
seeing inside the Eagle’s vision
first one side then the other
that was the vision – could be repeated

the Vision shapes up & allows the tiny birds to digress

sat in dirt
Hello, how are you?            (to the Lizard)
Please answer my questions.

Yes    –   Yes   –   Yes

I piss.

The eye & the me.
(inside looking out)

larry goodell / placitas, nm / hertford ranch / 28Apr69

As I'm working back through notebook jottings, now back to 1969 and this notebook . . . it seems necessary to get the writing at least onto the computer . . . and although it will be difficult, maybe impossible, then whisk all the notebooks, "bible" of my life, off to the archives . . . love to all, larry.