Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Sentence Level Below

The secondary syllogistic sentence is toward the paragraph; the reader’s attention is not primary syllogistic logic or measure. Sentence for argument, sentence of or increased torque, poly-syllogistic semi/ambiguity of syllogistic movement is limited; movement is following sentences when paragraph organizes movement of the paragraph as a whole, or the total work. The limiting of movement length is a unit which keeps at or very between the preceding and close to structure which altered the level of unity of quantity language, that is, control most often at the sentence level or below.

Elmo Acadork, Ph.D

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yuckie Yuppie

Hippie yuppie 
 yappie yippie 
flippy fluppy 
 flappy flippy 
tippy tuppy
 pappy pippy
fappy fuppie 
 dappy dippy 
puppy yuppie 
 nippy yippie 
pappy huppy 
 gabby gippie 
dippy yuppie 
 nappy yippie 
gappy guppy 
danky dickie 
crackie cruppy 
tacky tippy 
tappy tuppie 
hippy yippie 
gabby yuppie 
 nicky hippy 
yucky yuppie 
 yummy yippie
happy hippy 
 yuckie yuppie 
snappy hippy 
 grumpy yuppie 
flirty hippy
donkey dumpy 
 nappy yumpie 
crappy yuppie 
 iffy huffy 
  snappy yumpie 
jiffy gummy 
jammy gimmie 
flicky flaky 
flammy flunky 
money gummy 
 greedy  yuppie 
gimmie gamey 
 horny hippy 
jogging Ronnie 
 banky yumpy 
me-me more-more-
 money yuppie 
wasted wacko 
 earthy happy 
  hope-y hippy 
slicky tasty
 yucky Wang-y
  uppity yuppie 
wickedy robot 
 dullass monkey 
  jackass yuppie 
icky yuppie 
 happy hippy 
yippie yappy 
yuppie yippie 
yappy yuppie
yucky yuppie.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico /from january 8th of 1985

thru the full-blown ego-farce of the 80's rolling like an ever dirtier snowball from Reagonoidia
i could only have some fun between spasms of growing hopelessness . . .

(note, as usual in my writing it's for reading aloud so any move from the margin
is a lift of voice . . . )