Thursday, March 16, 2017

Eye of the Lizard from 2 pages in Notebook #8 1969 - Larry Goodell

Eye of the Lizard

under the old cottonwood tree
down in the arroyo

.dirt & seeds over my legs & loins
.lizard, probably a baby
Come here.          (he did)
gentle talk
his eye
I sat down
he didn’t move.
eye within eye, cunt.
I’ve seen/communicated with you before!

(in vision of the Eagle’s
eyes - one at a time -
seeing inside the Eagle’s vision
first one side then the other
that was the vision – could be repeated

the Vision shapes up & allows the tiny birds to digress

sat in dirt
Hello, how are you?            (to the Lizard)
Please answer my questions.

Yes    –   Yes   –   Yes

I piss.

The eye & the me.
(inside looking out)

larry goodell / placitas, nm / hertford ranch / 28Apr69

As I'm working back through notebook jottings, now back to 1969 and this notebook . . . it seems necessary to get the writing at least onto the computer . . . and although it will be difficult, maybe impossible, then whisk all the notebooks, "bible" of my life, off to the archives . . . love to all, larry.

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