Monday, September 18, 2017

She's Been There All the Time & a Drawing from the Placitas 1969 Jelly Roll Refried Bean Bag

Placitas 1969 Jelly Roll Refried Bean Bag Contents

This 11 by 17 inch broadside is part of the Placitas 69 Jelly Roll Refried Bean Bag assembled by Curt Fiedler and distributed free, all separate printed sheets rolled up in a cardboard tube . . . all of which I hope to present online . . . this is my contribution . . . 

This ink drawing by Lenore Goodell was part of the "Refried Bean Bag." I put a border around it only to give evidence of the irregular bottom edge. 1968.

Stay tuned, much more from this phenomenal non-edited and printed compilation by Kurt Fiedler
appears soon!
larry goodell / placitas, new mexico

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The President

"The President" is the 10th poem in The Staff of Ometeotl. I presented The Staff in the library of the University of Connecticut as part of our tour. In 1973 Stephen Rodefer and I read in numerous cities traveling in my little Datsun station wagon with my wife Lenore and my son Joel. George Butterick generously used this poem and the drawing by Lenore Goodell in this handsome 8" by 16" broadside.

Setup drawing for presentation of "The Staff." The 12 poems hang on cottonwood staves and are read through entirely.

Mollycoddle's apron which is donned for the reading of "The President."

Cloth backing for the poem, with burst balloons from past performances and the hanging sawtooth snout that is used to burst the 2 balloons at end of poem.

I appreciate the late George Butterick's interest in our work in setting up the reading performance and thank Lenore for the drawing and the University of Connecticut for this broadside.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 27aug2017