Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Few Pages from Larry Goodell's Notebook #17 - 1974

4 successive pages from Notebook #17 - Larry Goodell

2 pages

Working on the late Bill Pearlman's Inzorbital, a "novel of high research" at this time in 1974, the day after my dad's birthday and the day before Bill's, Leos of advanced degree. Bill was married to Lynn at this time.

The personal value of notebooks is so intense as not to be described, especially from anyone whose first writing is the spirit of that piece, so that all else that follows is keyed to that creative and mysterious moment. It's more than a supplemental memory, it's the handle of its time and surroundings for anyone to refresh their memory with within its fold of the past. A notebook is my referential soul.

This notebook was a gift of the lithographer Bruce Lowney who was living in Placitas at that time. It's a handmade book.
larry goodell / placitas, new mexico