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Larry Goodell Online Agog

Larry Goodell - Links to a Literary of Works

I'm happy to keep these links flowing as time permits. Here's a good start.

First of all thanks to Steve Clay of Granary Books for organizing much of my archives (60 years of activities) and I'm thrilled the material is housed at Yale University. The Larry Goodell / Duende Archive 
I sent much of these links to Jack Loeffler who's working on an exhibit of "alternative" American culture (since Desert Solitaire & Howl) for the Museum of New Mexico History, It's how I've been bannistered to work on my journey up the stairway to the stars (or ultimate chaos).

Larry Goodell in Artspace 1976 since that was after I created my performance poetry "ceremonial" events and with an essay "Co(s)mic Clown" by Gus Blaisdell. I think it's still a good introduction and I'm very grateful for Artspace for this.

Some of the earliest (and only) video of the works referred to I've just had converted and made available - 1973 in Buffalo on a tour I did with Stephen Rodefer (several cities) and 1976 at UCSD when I was invited as one of "Three Performers." I have done the best I could with the editing of old video of work I did which includes objects made by Lenore Goodell as well as myself.

University at Buffalo 1973  The video - Part 1 and Part 2 - is ALL of the Bowl of Ometeotl so I keep it together, but there are a couple excerpts. This work is unpublished except for "Uprooted Valley" so the video is very important to me and I'm grateful to whoever did it.
UC at San Diego 1976 Here are 5 shorter videos, 5 poems I did at UCSD from both the Staff and the Bowl. Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobias did the video.

There is some duplication of works presented although the Buffalo tape is one entire work. You can poke into these videos just to see what I was doing especially since I am beginning work on publishing this work. I have to do everything myself. My secretary quit a long time ago. My editor said "Fuck You Goodell" and left. My publisher closed the door on me and locked it permanently. Oh well, you can't have everything (autumn leaves floating on the water at Las Huertas Creek right now are incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

Please note that Facebook has jumbled the order of these Poet and Artist Friends Albums and I have to decide how I can transfer/redo the Poet & Artist Friends into an online photo/comment book. I started these little photo/comment surveys because I was disturbed by so many active poets unaware of the rather pervasive poetry excitement readings publications that went on before, a long time before. 

Some Object Poems & a Mask from those times LG

Thunderbird Bar in Placitas - my collection and Susan Junge and P.A. Blalock collection of Thunderbird Flyers and photographs.

This KUNM-FM broadcast was in 1990 but features Ginsberg, Nanao Sakaki and other notables and reflects back. This is simply recording from the event on the air and an extraordinary conversation.  

Placitas Literary Heritage (a recent more comprehensive event was held also). 

The interview down below is with the founders of the Thunderbird Bar, the "hippy" era supreme in Placitas. Gives you some since of their voices and some true history!

Interview with the founders of the Thunderbird Bar in Placitas, in full, edited only to improve sound quality. 3 Parts. Part 1 has good recounting by Steve Katona et al continued on in Part 2Part 3 has good recounting by Susan Junge who was integral in starting the Placitas Arts & Crafts Fair and who did much of the artwork.

And the assortment of videos will probably continue growing: My YouTube Chanel.  Such as is is. Many are rescued from outmoded video tapes. 

Bandcamp a friendly place where I can make a variety audio accessible. I love it. Recordings of poetry events at the Living Batch Bookstore in Albuquerque. All this on Bandcamp (and some on Soundclick.) Many were called duende spinoffs and put on cd's. Also some events of the duende poetry series in Placitas at Anasazi Fields Winery. Variety of Audio. Albums of poetry live, poetry with my keyboard backing, lots of "free jazz" improvised keyboard pieces.

Issuu has become a place for my Online Adventures my necessary outgrowth from the build up of unpublished works. This is such a vital mediary. Many books, plays, articles, personal gatherings of literary curiosities, unpublished work, evolutions.  

Photograph Albums on Flickr. I hope this will grow and many thanks to the male/female makeup of the streaming digital world.

My Website with information about duende press, yes, still alive! New books and diversions some gutsy.

This post can only be improved. Thank you for your interest. Any comments, suggestions I am open to you.

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