Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tribute to Peter Karassic, June 2013

Peter Karassik, sculptor, artist, spoon and useful object maker . . . left me with his imagination calligraphy on hanging banners . . . so in memory of that and in a bit of a tribute are these small pages from my current notebook . . . these dedicated to Peter.


7 Panels of Writing by Peter Karassik
ca 1969, Gift of the Artist

Karassik, 3 Panels (left)

Karassik, 4 Panels (right)

Karassik, 6th Panel (larger)

Peter these days, up in Oregon
Hello Peter! We love you and are forever grateful for your introducing us . . . 
it led to 45 years of marriage so far . . .
hello and love to you Lorraine!
larry goodell & lenore