Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Masculine Race - a notebook manuscript from 1998

Larry Goodell
Third line from the bottom, the questionable word is "winnied" - what was intended?
This is from To Hell With Mumbo Jumbo, poems written in 1998, to be published.

The Masculine Race
/for Judy Grahn
Are we not big?
Are we not bad?
Are we not brutes?
Are we not had?
Are we not shoe spaces?
Are we not conjured doors?
Are we not upturned floors?
Are we not familiar faces?
Who is the toughest
the roughest
the dullest?
Who is the puffiest
the dustiest
the shortest?
Who is the biggest?
The worst?
The blasted?
the first
that lasted
the least
that lost
the most
that hosted
the toast
that roasted
the race
that winnied
the winner
that lost
the least on the list.
The smallest that finked
the skinniest that winked
the loser that screwed
the winner’s behind.
We are the last who lost the race
we are the defeated masculine race.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 31Mar98
(Come to think of it, perhaps "whinnied" . . . )