Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Mexico Love - Music & Poetry - Joan Cere - Alma- Larry Goodell

New Mexico Love - Music and Poetry (about a 15 minute video)

This has been an amazing project for me to learn something about editing video and I hope everyone enjoys this (sorry I'm so prominent and drinking like a fish before I saw the light and sobered up). Love to all and thank you dear New Mexico friends and friends and acquaintances everywhere.
This is New Mexico my home and native state as I love it! If possible see at full screen with volume adequate. Video done by John McCloskey in 1981 in Bernalillo for the 3rd Annual Birthday Benefit for S.E.A.C. (Sandoval Environmental Action Committee) with Joan Cere and the first incarnation of "Alma" and Larry Goodell.

Other poems I read at this 1981 Event. "Sprout" (about 6 minutes) which includes audience footage. And "An Occasional Poem" & "Story of Football" (very short)

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A few screen shots from New Mexico Love and from Sprout.

Larry Goodell August 2016