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Oh Cabezon, 3 Poems from May 2001

  1. "Cabezon Peak is a large volcanic plug that is a prominent feature in northwestern New Mexico. It rises to 7,785 feet in elevation. " Wikipedia



Everything is entranced in
the estrangement of the dance
where leads follow the abrupt romance.
Surprise flies in the face of misery
and all washes away that was dirtied & delayed.
Freshness starts up from some untold place
that becomes familiar as an old book
or old sage or something old, new again.
Nothing has been written from this dance
of nature yellowed Jonathan apple leaves
nice green Jonathan apple leave on the younger tree.
The green with many suspended cylindrical cones
of the upright spruce, our solstice tree of old.
The pushing out white groups of roses blanc double.
The green of the grape vines with baby, baby grapes.
The untimely reddening of the cherries on the tree bit by borers
The tanager with bright yellow breast
topping the neighbor’s far apple tree
the hardened off tomatoes in four packs
left over from the garden plantings
to give away–Sweet Million and Early Pick
from old seeds
the farther near sloping swelling breast of
the hill we see North of us
piñon covered, dead grass covered gentle
arroyo drains on its side sloping out & down.
Oh perfect virgin as the houses build
up your side
human status the conqueror and the rapist.

Oh this dance, the freshness of this weekly irrigated nature
zebra grass, 2 feet tall already, rhubarb,  wild anise
apples sherries apricots some peaches
and lots of almonds, some black berries
and black raspberries
coarse screech of scrub jay
`at the pear tree’s base
Dance dance dance all rooted to the ground
and flying species,
and noisy crickets and village dogs barking, stopped
as the undefined, unwritten dance continues on
to freshen my standing here, my reception to it
my participation by giving in to it.
How unknown how undefined how unwritable
how rare and how immediately obtainable
by not seeking but by
entering in to the movement of it.

Movement, growth, as the ancient eroded mesas
in the distance sloping to Jemez
and geological archaeological finds continue.
Immersed in it, take me away from human form
all plants garden trees living flying sounding forms swallow me
Into your everything and free me of this guilt
of my human downfallings
free me as you are doing, as you, the dance of the Creator
creates endlessly in life sap and exchange & change
beauty, as if I don’t exist.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 31May2001 After Sunset

After Sunset

Sunset of my heart
afterglow of burnt orange in my blood
nipple of the world in my eyes
focal point of everything I know.
Cabezon, volcanic core old as
surface earth
right where the sun goes down around
the solstice
here I am asking a connection
to pull me out of the grave I’m in
where I buried myself with my own indecision
my wasting time away in laziness
sloth of decades on the cross of
lack of application not even putting
one foot before the other
in responsibility, in a career
in the ability to respond to high art
and low Earth calling –
Let me be free with you, after sunset
to die with me into another night.
To rise with me into another day
when I might set things right
and forgive myself for too much forgiveness
and in turn act, do, focus one thing at a time
up the ladder to your heart –
Dark center of the world
calling me in evening silence.
Lead me as I can now physical follow
bodily move from breathing prayer to act.
After you Sir, Madam of the Earth,
afterglow still, in sinking.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico /31May2001#2

Oh Self Pity

I’ve opened my heart
and allowed the part that’s funny
to step in.
But seriously, seriously
who stepped in with him.
The funny man & the serious clown?
Who is the secret partner that came along?
Oh sadness, depression, melancholy of old
Self-pity, selfishness, destructive inner pain.
Who invited you? You came, burst in
took over and put what was really funny
in a stranglehold.
Threatened to confound my life, my attitude
my direction, put
everything to a stop.
But you know, there’s something really off
about you
something that doesn’t fit.
Something that’s really funny:
you don’t last and humor always returns
unless I force it out.
No matter what takes over me
I can’t.
Laugh at it, I can.
As soon as others hear it, all the misery
they’ve all been there too
and they laugh
and I can laugh too.

Oh self pity you’re so indulgent
you’re just a crock of shit.
Stop taking yourself so seriously
you ugly man, who stepped in, uninvited.
Get out.
You’re the laughing stock
of the century.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico /1Jun2001

See/read more poems from Oh Cabezon here if you're interested. Thank you to all,
Larry Goodell

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