Tuesday, October 6, 2020


an avaricious airhead

an arrogant ass

an assumptive asshat

a blithering birdbrain

a bloated blockhead

a bonedead bonehead

a blundering bozo

a bigoted buffoon

a cheesy charlatan

an unchastened chiseler

a show-time chauvinist

a cultureless clod

a caterwauling cockscomb

a contemptuous con man

a cringeworthy cretin

a cultivated crook

a diabolical deceiver

a domineering defalcator

a dead set despoiler

a democracy-hating demagogue

a deadly double-crosser

a distasteful dingle berry

a deadpan dolt

a deranged dope

a  deadly double-crosser

a do-or-die double-dealer

a dilapidated dullard

a dead-wrong dumb-ass

a dum-dum dumbo

a deranged dunce

a doddering dunderhead

a ferocious fascist

a fact-hating fathead

a fractured fool

a fucked up fraudster

a gregarious goat

a heinous halfwit

a hellbent hoaxer

a hateful hoodwinker

a hubristic hothead

a hyperactive hypocrite

an idealized idiot

an ignominious ignoramus

a juvenile jackass

a klan-loving kleptocrat

a noxious knucklehead

a laborious lamebrain

a double-lying loser

a murderous manipulator

an amoral misogynist

a malevolent monster 

a minuscule moron

a merciless muppet

a miserly muttonhead

a nasty narcissist

a Neanderthal nitwit

a non-entity nincompoop

a nickle-dime ninny

a notorious nit

a niggardly numbnut

a no-goodnik numbskull

a pandering pendejo

a pea-brained pinhead

a putrid plonker

a puckered-lip Putinian

a calculative quack

a riotous racist

a rapacious racketeer

a resolute rapist

a showy shyster

a shit-dealing schmuck 

a super-dooper simpleton

a seditious suck-ass

a shallow chauvinist

a swine-faced swindler

a treacherous toad

a two-timing traitor

a time-capsule twerp

a treasonous trickster

a vituperative villain

a premiere white-supremacist

a yellow yo-yo

/larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 6Oct2020 - love to all

Friday, July 10, 2020

3D Poet

 Photographs by Jim Burbank of my poetry event at Very Special Arts in Albuquerque.

People don’t realize the ritual dharma behind what I do.
Nor should they if there is a reasonable modesty on my part.
There is the life dialog between the supposed presence and myself.
There is the pressure to be unique that any artist feels
and the lonely path where imagination gets its way.
There is no single way to present 360 degrees,
thus handmade objects, masks, costumes, levels of presence,
the sound of the voice following the lead of where to go.
And music sustains, speech music, assonance and internal rhyme,
rhythm of the heart beat and the guttural beat the Anglo Saxon base
with whispers of the French and intelligence of the Latin.
And the overriding drive of the American
demands 360 degrees, 3-D words to follow the seasons
and the human attack on them. What goes on behind the scenes
stays behind the scenes. What goes on in front stays in front.
Thus the 3 ring circus becomes one ring and not a circus, but a
life of limited discovery & magic ants in the pants.
That glow that every prism sends out in sevens and more.
That dance, that prance, that single stance where the vocal
is queen to the king and the king perhaps is only a presence or just
a subject of the realm. Larry Goodell / Placitas, New Mexico / 2009

The Blue Spaceman event poem at Very Special Arts, Photo by Jim Burbank.

Larry Goodell in muscle shirt reading from the Ometeotl Trilogy. 
Shirt and Photograph by Lenore Goodell. VSA, Albuquerque

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Masculine Race - a notebook manuscript from 1998

Larry Goodell
Third line from the bottom, the questionable word is "winnied" - what was intended?
This is from To Hell With Mumbo Jumbo, poems written in 1998, to be published.

The Masculine Race
/for Judy Grahn
Are we not big?
Are we not bad?
Are we not brutes?
Are we not had?
Are we not shoe spaces?
Are we not conjured doors?
Are we not upturned floors?
Are we not familiar faces?
Who is the toughest
the roughest
the dullest?
Who is the puffiest
the dustiest
the shortest?
Who is the biggest?
The worst?
The blasted?
the first
that lasted
the least
that lost
the most
that hosted
the toast
that roasted
the race
that winnied
the winner
that lost
the least on the list.
The smallest that finked
the skinniest that winked
the loser that screwed
the winner’s behind.
We are the last who lost the race
we are the defeated masculine race.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 31Mar98
(Come to think of it, perhaps "whinnied" . . . )

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Agriculture Chant for Audience in The Fool - 1968 - by Larry Goodell

In the performance piece "The Fool" I say/read nothing but enact a series of ceremonial movements while the audience reads, usually 2 people simultaneously reading each text (including an International Cookbook). This is one of the texts which is a fold out poem on a vertical small wood panel.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Moonless Night, a shuffle and read poem, by Larry Goodell

Print these 2 sheets out on cover stock, 
cut the stars out, mix them all up & stack. 
Read from the top down!

For kids after school at Singing Arrow Community Center in Albuquerque, 1999.
Thank you, City of Albuquerque for the grant to meet with kids after school and do poetry.

Skull Poem, 1968, by Larry Goodell