Monday, October 20, 2014

Answers Hanging In The Air

I wrote this email letter in August of 2013 and received no answer but the things I bring up are still a consideration to me . . . some questions beyond me to answer, just hanging in the air. Mr. Bott is a tech authority living in Santa Fe. I'd appreciate any comments or links. 
Love to all, 

Dear Ed Bott,

I heard you on the Twit panel yesterday and earlier and so hi! I have actually become addicted to watching Twit-Live since I’m learning so much. I'm a poet but have written reviews, some commentary and short plays.
I live in Placitas and have since '63. I’m originally from Roswell. Most of my writing is on the computer in Wordperfect, but of course I have MS Word for communication with the non-Wordperfect world. I'm slowly OCR'ing with free Abby software my work prior to 1974 when I got my first computer. I've been writing some publishable poems since the early '60's. 
With poetry and all its various line indents and what I call breath-pauses in some lines I have to OCR to text file and then do meticulous formatting. I'm not a secretary writing legal briefs or a prose writer, so it takes me just about as much time to OCR as to type it over.
I will keep in touch with your posts concerning the production do-it-yourselfers like me have to do these days for POD and online publishing (no book publisher in sight). I want to publish my books hard copy (possibly by way of Createspace tho I'm still comparing) and in e-book format and some in audio book format. Since I’m a “performance” poet I need to have some audio. I haven’t yet tackled the many-odd video tapes that I must someday convert to video – by the way, do you know anyone with an old Sony Beta 4 inch reel video player?
This digital alternative for publishing is no longer an alternative for me but has become the only way. Period. 
I might start a blog called The Poet As Publisher since I taught that at UNM one summer (but that was pre-computer). I do have 2 blogs (shamelessly self-promoting), lots of Facebook stuff, a website (which is a Wix flash-based site so I need to do the whole thing again in HTML5, maybe with Squarespace) and I have songs and readings on Soundclick and short works and a couple long works on Scribd. Scribd has been very helpful for me to get my work publish-ready in PDF.
I will send you a list of links if ever you have a moment to just glance at this stuff and perhaps give me a tip what direction to go. Or link to self-publishing production info.
Basically I just want to say hello and I'm pleased there's someone in Santa Fe whose blogs and work can help me in my publishing pursuits. By the way I'm 76 so you can see why I'm fired up to get this stuff out.
Thank you for your work, 

larry goodell
po box 571
placitas, nm 87043

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