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Larry Goodell Online Agog

Larry Goodell - Links to a Literary of Works

I'm happy to keep these links flowing as time permits. Here's a good start.

First of all thanks to Steve Clay of Granary Books for organizing much of my archives (60 years of activities) and I'm thrilled the material is housed at Yale University. The Larry Goodell / Duende Archive 
I sent much of these links to Jack Loeffler who's working on an exhibit of "alternative" American culture (since Desert Solitaire & Howl) for the Museum of New Mexico History, It's how I've been bannistered to work on my journey up the stairway to the stars (or ultimate chaos).

Larry Goodell in Artspace 1976 since that was after I created my performance poetry "ceremonial" events and with an essay "Co(s)mic Clown" by Gus Blaisdell. I think it's still a good introduction and I'm very grateful for Artspace for this.

Some of the earliest (and only) video of the works referred to I've just had converted and made available - 1973 in Buffalo on a tour I did with Stephen Rodefer (several cities) and 1976 at UCSD when I was invited as one of "Three Performers." I have done the best I could with the editing of old video of work I did which includes objects made by Lenore Goodell as well as myself.

University at Buffalo 1973  The video - Part 1 and Part 2 - is ALL of the Bowl of Ometeotl so I keep it together, but there are a couple excerpts. This work is unpublished except for "Uprooted Valley" so the video is very important to me and I'm grateful to whoever did it.
UC at San Diego 1976 Here are 5 shorter videos, 5 poems I did at UCSD from both the Staff and the Bowl. Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobias did the video.

There is some duplication of works presented although the Buffalo tape is one entire work. You can poke into these videos just to see what I was doing especially since I am beginning work on publishing this work. I have to do everything myself. My secretary quit a long time ago. My editor said "Fuck You Goodell" and left. My publisher closed the door on me and locked it permanently. Oh well, you can't have everything (autumn leaves floating on the water at Las Huertas Creek right now are incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

Please note that Facebook has jumbled the order of these Poet and Artist Friends Albums and I have to decide how I can transfer/redo the Poet & Artist Friends into an online photo/comment book. I started these little photo/comment surveys because I was disturbed by so many active poets unaware of the rather pervasive poetry excitement readings publications that went on before, a long time before. 

Some Object Poems & a Mask from those times LG

Thunderbird Bar in Placitas - my collection and Susan Junge and P.A. Blalock collection of Thunderbird Flyers and photographs.

This KUNM-FM broadcast was in 1990 but features Ginsberg, Nanao Sakaki and other notables and reflects back. This is simply recording from the event on the air and an extraordinary conversation.  

Placitas Literary Heritage (a recent more comprehensive event was held also). 

The interview down below is with the founders of the Thunderbird Bar, the "hippy" era supreme in Placitas. Gives you some since of their voices and some true history!

Interview with the founders of the Thunderbird Bar in Placitas, in full, edited only to improve sound quality. 3 Parts. Part 1 has good recounting by Steve Katona et al continued on in Part 2Part 3 has good recounting by Susan Junge who was integral in starting the Placitas Arts & Crafts Fair and who did much of the artwork.

And the assortment of videos will probably continue growing: My YouTube Chanel.  Such as is is. Many are rescued from outmoded video tapes. 

Bandcamp a friendly place where I can make a variety audio accessible. I love it. Recordings of poetry events at the Living Batch Bookstore in Albuquerque. All this on Bandcamp (and some on Soundclick.) Many were called duende spinoffs and put on cd's. Also some events of the duende poetry series in Placitas at Anasazi Fields Winery. Variety of Audio. Albums of poetry live, poetry with my keyboard backing, lots of "free jazz" improvised keyboard pieces.

Issuu has become a place for my Online Adventures my necessary outgrowth from the build up of unpublished works. This is such a vital mediary. Many books, plays, articles, personal gatherings of literary curiosities, unpublished work, evolutions.  

Photograph Albums on Flickr. I hope this will grow and many thanks to the male/female makeup of the streaming digital world.

My Website with information about duende press, yes, still alive! New books and diversions some gutsy.

This post can only be improved. Thank you for your interest. Any comments, suggestions I am open to you.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico /1st of November 2016 larrynewmex@gmail.com USA

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Fantastic Poetry & Piano of Ellyn Maybe & Robbie Fitzsimmons - Skywriting with Glitter

In some collaborations between poets and musicians it’s more a collaboration with the enemy where sound strangles the poet’s words or vice versa and both go their selfish ways.

But in Skywriting with Glitter you get a cross-fertilization, an interweaving, a mutual creative respect, the best of the best of collaboration – human voice and piano. Ellyn Maybe’s poems, like apocalyptic fairy tales, are narratives of surreal/real adventures from her well-read storied mind. They are stories of innocence in a world of indifference, evocative of the post-Beat revolution.

And Robbie Fitzsimmon’s sonorous rhythmic piano urges through every phrase and lingual delivery as perfect as the warp and weft of a Navajo landscape transfixed in weaving. His counter-tenor voice compliments and amplifies, accompanies and lifts both his and Ellyn’s words and is secure in the groundwork of its own.

These works are often a revolution of the lyric where doggerel and repetitious rhyme are simply unneeded, in fact foreign to the song-poem. Poetry has been freed to be music again. We are dealing with a poet’s inspiration and the remarkable creativity of a musician.

Trying not to listen to the pieces on this album again won’t succeed. Once you enter its world, Ellyn’s poems and Robbie’s music, you’ll find each hearing opens up doors like stars that are there blinking with amused deference.

The compelling mystery and insistent story board of these collaborations will fill your room, your headphones, your speakers, your mind-space with fresh energy and plenty of rhythmical dance to move you around.

Larry Goodell / Placitas, New Mexico / 15Sep2016

Skywriting with Glitter, Ellyn & Robbie

Available now! CDBaby or Amazon

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Mexico Love - Music & Poetry - Joan Cere - Alma- Larry Goodell

New Mexico Love - Music and Poetry (about a 15 minute video)

This has been an amazing project for me to learn something about editing video and I hope everyone enjoys this (sorry I'm so prominent and drinking like a fish before I saw the light and sobered up). Love to all and thank you dear New Mexico friends and friends and acquaintances everywhere.
This is New Mexico my home and native state as I love it! If possible see at full screen with volume adequate. Video done by John McCloskey in 1981 in Bernalillo for the 3rd Annual Birthday Benefit for S.E.A.C. (Sandoval Environmental Action Committee) with Joan Cere and the first incarnation of "Alma" and Larry Goodell.

Other poems I read at this 1981 Event. "Sprout" (about 6 minutes) which includes audience footage. And "An Occasional Poem" & "Story of Football" (very short)

Subscribing to my Channel simply encourages me to bring more poetry videos to light.

A few screen shots from New Mexico Love and from Sprout.

Larry Goodell August 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Aroma Parlor, 1981

(large sketch of a nose in back of desk with 2 phones on it.
Woman sitting at desk.
Voice of 1st phone is from a man standing behind hanging nose)


WOMAN. (1st phone  rings)
Brussel's broccoli sprouts,
Medium of the East speaking.
We have Darm cures.
Darm, D.A.R.M.

They put you in the sprocket of the sprout
And bathe you in kitty litter
And (2nd phone rings)
can you hold?

Pop up Puberty Crackpot Soap
Yes we perfume.
Oh, your odor.
your odor,  it's so unusual
It comes right through the phone desk.
But ours will reach through the drainpipes of
your typical bathroom country and
cause the President's eyeballs to twitch.
Yes we go beyond the mere titillation of the nose
into the astounding refitting of round eyeballs into square sockets
You know how those satellite bathroom countries are
they havent rounded off their odors yet.
So we have political process at our disposal.
Our odors insist and change.
We are politically oriented,
we change the world through smell.
The nose is connected to every other part of the body
including itself.

Your appointment?
At 12,  will that be convenient?
12:15.  Thank you. (hangs up 2nd phone, back to 1st phone)
Thank you for holding.

I had a rimjob patient on the other line.
Yes,  I am the secretary,
Our organization has combined the former major functions
into the secretary
in other words
I am the doctor or docteur too.
All our secretaries perform all the major functions in this clinic.
Besides selling pop up puberty crackpot soap
we demonstrate every function of its aura –
anal, oral, aroma, atonal, anatomical
and anointed.
Yes we have instant phone cures
in it, around it, through it, sometimes under it –
we control everything we’re connected to.


Nukes ?

The New Nukes?

I hadnt heard of that
but we’re in
the Pussy-So-Firm Department
You know,  to go along with
the Cock-So-Limp.

Or should I say the bulge instead of the recess.
Recesses bulge too,  on the other side.
Recesses have bulges,  and those bulges fit
the recess on the bulge –
that is
       the big bulge.
All bulges have some recesses.
Tho an exact mathematical bulge that exists in the previous state of mind
where we used to live in the 50's
with social orientation not even learned yet
an exact mathematical bulge cd exist on an abstract level.

But I'm talking too much how's your father?

VOICE. (this is the voice being talked to, now heard)
Oh he's selling odors now.

Well he should join up with the Pop Up Puberty Crackpot Soap
and reform his pad.
All change comes from within.
You start in the very circles of your own eyes.

Havent you ever wanted,  really wanted to change?

Oh yes, and how.  I have changed
without really wanting to.
I have learned to be practical
and apply my mute wisdom
to my hands,  my fingers
beyond my fingers.

And that leads to the discovery of ectoplasm.

The aura is what surrounds you
whether you like it or not.

I dont see it,  I never did.
This office is so hot.
God I hate working here.
But when through your own ectoplasm
you materialized over the phone
as all those customers
voices in the ear
became you.
Wow, working in this slave joint
almost became worth it.
(2nd phone rings)
Excuse me.
(answers 2nd phone)
Major Centrifugal forces.
(other phone 3rd? rings)
Oh I’m sorry I must put you on hold.

Illusory Bumper Stickers.

Yes, we do have no-Knox gelatin.
All things gelatinous, oozy, translucent, slick
like jello, we have.
We use them for our Illusory Bumper Stickers.

Oh yes, Electrolux Vac
back where we are.

In front of the backdrop.
Doing a routine.
A routine day in the life of
Mrs. Phantasm
the illustrated illusory spa
of never-never life.
Well it's all hogwash.
We know that language wasnt pure
it was all computerized.

It had its magic formula
but that was an amalgamation computerization
the computer talking magic talk
plugged into the telephone machine
trained by satellite into the Mistress Computer
and returned here
at the phone desk.
Of course I materialized but I always do
when the day is over
and the job is done.
That free week time when you float
from one space to another
and hopefully land.

Well, we're at home.
And you're on the phone.
Hello, Weightlifting Division.
No,  Harold's out to lunch.
Sure, he works here.

This is reality,  come back to earth,
drop all those seaside clouds
this is the desert.
This is the fuckin desert.
You dont see no palm trees out there
this is the real desert.
You know,
carbohydrate vacuum.

Well I wont be staying long.


(Hangs up.)


larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 28May1981

This play(let) reflects Body Palace, a play for two women, which I wrote in 1975. A recording of Body Palace is here.

Love to all in the continued revelation of "3 Dimensional Poetry," Poetry in the Round, Poetry in the Plaza, Lifeforms of Poetry living and well interconnected and interpersonal with its surroundings . . . .

Friday, June 17, 2016


accordion fold poem (one long sheet) for Joe and Olivia Bottone wedding in Placitas, 1968
housed in my book of typed and assembled poems for that year

(foldout is one long sheet)
larry goodell 
placitas, new mexico

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Few Pages from Larry Goodell's Notebook #17 - 1974

4 successive pages from Notebook #17 - Larry Goodell

2 pages

Working on the late Bill Pearlman's Inzorbital, a "novel of high research" at this time in 1974, the day after my dad's birthday and the day before Bill's, Leos of advanced degree. Bill was married to Lynn at this time.

The personal value of notebooks is so intense as not to be described, especially from anyone whose first writing is the spirit of that piece, so that all else that follows is keyed to that creative and mysterious moment. It's more than a supplemental memory, it's the handle of its time and surroundings for anyone to refresh their memory with within its fold of the past. A notebook is my referential soul.

This notebook was a gift of the lithographer Bruce Lowney who was living in Placitas at that time. It's a handmade book.
larry goodell / placitas, new mexico

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blind Potato Sky

Sir Lawrence of Placitas, I think we should plan a gathering. Have a poetry festival just like the old days. Do you think we could do that? Someplace neutral like the Planet Pluto, or Drum Hadley's billion acre ranch, or some enchanted forest so sweet and juicy that we all ride the fifth dimension right through the Third Butthole of God. And that has got to be some fucking ride if you know what I mean. Even his/her butthole has got to be beautiful. That's your next assignment . . . your next pome to write . . . since I am younger than you and more alert and definitely have a bigger dick and from all the polls taken much more goofy than you, then I can give you this assignment pronto tonto butthole bonanza babies, and that what I'm thinking about this morning as I write to you and I've even written two emails before you so I'm on a roll and I'm live-serious about this gathering and you could even have it at your place, or on the end of buddha's dick and we'll feast on Buddha sperm and snails and hang on to your S-car-go babies because it's rendezvous time for us ol' Beat/Hippy Fandango Farts and I'm thinking I've got a least twenty good years left so we've got lots to do and lots to write but we ain't gathering like we're suppose to be. I know, let's go half way and meet in Moab, Utah. Or, get out your divining rod (no, not that you you preee-vert extortedium) and wherever half way between Placitas and the Grand Salt Lick that's where we'll rendevous and we'll have a poetry reading and we'll film it and put it on Any Tube You Like and we’ll call it the New Wave of Fingerling Poetry, so get out your compass Larry G. and let's get going and quit diddling the dawg . . . . because time is running out and I'll tried to get a hold of Drew Wagnon the other day and found him in a rest home in Bloomington, Indiana, so that's what is in store for you . . . but not a rest hope but a rant home a chant home a panting home a choir home and polish the buddha home and fuck home a suck home a rhyme the chime home a garbooze home a chicken friend sonnet home a ding dong home a key of A home a gluten free home a elevator home a sweetness home at our next rendezvous home and that's it for now . . . buddha bananas to you . . . Blind Potato Sky
/from Gino Sky, 2011, Salt Lake City, Utah

Gino, Bonafide Spirit, it will always be a grand idea -- from the brilliant Southwest Poetry Conferences to the Vancouver and Berkeley Poetry Conferences, from the Portland Poetry Festivals to the Bisbee Poetry Festivals, National Poetry Slams and Talking Gourd Poetry Celebrations of the Great Southwest . . . and we will happen again and again and again!
/love from your ancient contemporary, Larry

Love prevails in the freeing bonds of poets and all free spirits, all free speech.
larry goodell