Friday, May 22, 2009


Poetry is a blop that governs the deerk.
A conniving wave of mop justified.
It flavors the tender gate keepers of atom pie.
Eating sliverously it touches the peak
with musical patois, patty cake, serious sneezes
and command of abrupt. That is it’s
words tiramisu, terrible kid of punk nodes
causing kissing of back notes and musical feezsickles.
Thus acaputrids love it dissecting its outwards
with its innards. But it sur-paces its stiff sinoids.
Vowels, bowels, consnickets and tongue twasters.
We all love its gup, or those of us who read its stenchbuds.
Snick it? Oh ancient mashed up muse.
Poet DC is at base of our bastion.
The reverand of gold. The river run of old.
Beep music. Yes said is no. It fictional fantasizes fun.
Have sum. Add more to your plunkit.
Merry dine. A stanza in line saves nine.
Such are the kissing in the dark.

larry goodell/2009/placitas, nm


/for Molloy's Bookstore, Albuquerque, 12Mar94

BOOKS scoobadooba, I read in bed instead of
filling my head with dead TV nonsense dah-buddy-dance
when I was young giddledy passionate after
the classics the moderns the far out avantgarde
dah-boobie-do-gardenia garbanzo ga-booboo
Proust Hemingway Fitzgerald Stein
Homer rover Aristophanes Djuna Barnes
Studs Lonigan Alfred Prufrock & the Portrait of the Artist
as young loins young lions André Gide Counterfeiters
The Tropic of Cancer Calypso Henry Miller Capricorn
Katherine Ann Porter & HD Dee-diddle-dee
bo-bo-ga-boozer Kerouac Ginsberg Kenneth Patchen
Anais Nin Ninny Penny Tinnie Tuna Steinbeck
Cannery Row the Grapes of Wrath trash
Mickey Spillaine discovered while babysitting
Lady Chatterley's Lover & Plumed Serpent D.H. Lawrence
W.H. Auden e.e. cummings Comanche Navajo &
pueblo earth-dance split pants, Shelley & Keats &
D.T. Suzuki Alan Watts & Watusi boogie woogie
Fats Waller & the way to wail Billie Holiday Ma Rainey
Rain Dance Chet Baker Stan Getz Brubeck and
Ba-duke-ee Miles & Bud Powell madness Yeats
dates with Whitman Emily Dickinson Samuel Beckett
Molloy crawling across the floor to pick up
the book he is yet to write fight crash existential
ethics of sexual Sartre's the Flies, Last Exit to
René Char Henri Michaux, so show me some far out
out-lived Mayakovsky, show forth Gertrude Stein
rhymes rhyme with the time, Kenneth Fearing in 30's
social evolution, Edith Sitwell sitting well behind the curtain
megaphoning Façade, is it mod, mode, Mood Indigo
Duke Ellington elegant neo-avant-garde classicist
Shorty Rogers & His Giants, Ray Bradbury & the Southern California
uplift, reading dead without words, muse no music without
the beating book, the music cycle word dance, a doo-doo
a dodo a dee-dee a bobo a boo-boo book, bookacious
braggadocio, the nudest new boogie book bad bad-ass book
booked my youth flew out of the pages booked ka-boodle
dad-noodle mama-noodle, I hurdle I flirted I sang yodeled
my youth flew out of the paged booked ca-boodle! my youth
flew out of the pages, ahoy Molloy, my youth Ezra Pounded,
enraged & aged, faded dazed flamed, Artaud Van Gogh'd
De Kooninged & Hart Craned, Rilke'd & Marianne Moored up
goaded & avant-garded Caged & released, Phoenixed & fucked
my youth flew out of the pages, Whalen Duncan & Olson Levertov'd
Jack Spicered & Max Finsteined, my youth unguarded & avant-garded
my youth flew out, all Creeleyed up to pop, pop-art
Rauschenberg'd & Kline'd, I declined, anti-climaxed, Schoenberg'd &
Dorn'd unadorned & Frank O'hara'd, my youth unabused &
perused, my youth truth, flew blew, out shout, of the pages in
phases my youth booked caboodle, my youth flew out
Bartok'd, ad hoc, pagan cocks rainbowed to
the end of time, cunnilingus cunt Sappho'd suffused
& Ann Quin twin'd, book booked, my Youth flew out amused, flew out
of the pages of a book.

larry goodell, placitas, new mexico

/written and produced as a duende broadside for the premiere opening & reading 
held at Molloy Books . . . unfortunately this bookstore joined the Living Batch 
in the Independent Bookstore Cemetery in Albuquerque . . . .