Saturday, March 28, 2015

3 Dimensional Poetry is up and free and going again after 7 blocked months!

Through no doing of my own, as far as I know, my blog was invaded and Google blocked it for me to clean up, which proved to be one of my most exasperating experiences ever in digital space . . . I am not a technical wizard with computerese for brains . . . finally after my complaining and asking and posting screenviews someone at Blogger took the time to expunge my blog of all unwanted foreign matter . . . this has been going on since October of 2014! Whoever finally helped me out at Google, thank you! (Finally.)

Now I will do the best I can to make this more interesting even if it's mostly my own exploratory work exploding the 2 dimensional poetry myth . . . welcome to all except mercenary invaders! Your friend in space,