Friday, August 8, 2014

Portland Poetry Festival 1974

4 page flyer Master of Ceremonies and Impressario Deluxe Dick Bakken gave me years ago before he went on and organized several of the Bisbee Poetry Festivals. It's entertaining to look at and imagine. And see the copy of a photo of Dick dressed up as the Poetry Chicken which of course was in the parade. It stirs the imagination of what was possible what will always be possible, as long as we have free speech and poets and lovers of such to put on such enjoyably inclusive events!

Dick Bakken, impressario & performance poet (one of us originals) who organized the phenomenal BISBEE POETRY FESTIVALS over in AZ. Known to come thru Albuquerque reciting from the poetry boards on occasion. And back in Portland he organized the Portland Poetry Festivals whose fabulous parades included the Poetry Chicken 
(Mr. Bakken with feathers)!! 

Dick says,'Deport Poets' T-shirt (period of Margaret Randall's fight, and others) by David Irwin in Bisbee at 3rd Bisbee Poetry Festival 8/23/81, the day before my 40th birthday."

Yes it's the Poetry Chicken at the Portland Poetry Festival '74

Also, here at home (northern New Mexico), there were Randall Ackley's Southwest Poetry Conferences which I was fortunately part of and enjoyed every minute of. Colorado Springs, Durango, Santa Fe, Albuquerque as I remember. In fact that's where the great arms of our literary pool stretched out and waved hello, we're here! The Chicano, Native American and "Anglo" poets, don't recall Afro-American at that time. So many were a part of . . . Leslie Silko, Simon Ortiz, Ricardo Sanchez, Keith Wilson, young Navajo poets, E.A. (Tony) Mares, Joy Harjo, Drum Hadley, us'ens, on and on way too many to name and/or remember: Ackley was gifted in pulling these together. 

In 1976 the Rio Grande Writer's Association got its start with a poetry conference of readings in Albuquerque and the seminal book Voices of the Rio Grande, edited by Rudolfo Anaya and David Johnson  . . . more about RGWA see David Johnson's account. More from me.

So isn't it time for a Festival of Poets and Books and Discussions and Readings-Performances right here where the sky meets the earth the sound of poetry abounds? I love your comments.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico

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