Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thunderbird Flight for T-Bird Show reception 11Feb2012

outside the Thunderbird, lead singer of Oriental Blue Streak being serenaded, arts & craft fair, photo: Bob D'Alessandro

Thunderbird Flight

when wonder worlds and worlds wonder
 what time gone by
 what turning of the hour of energy
  into the hour of reflection
   where is everybody who got lost in those times
   beaming health turned to sickness even death for some
   and for all of us eventually, but the music
    and above all dance, dance, dance
    you know what it’s like to dance your heart out?
                                             shaking wonder
holding up the world you thought each to each
 would never come crashing down or burn up
                                                    in bitter rage . . .

what would keep the war off and spirit up
             but a tender heart, a circus atmosphere
 protests walking down Central in Albuquerque
      and dancing in Placitas, the Thunderbird taking off
                   like a ship with no course but enjoyment
 or dancing in Rosa’s Cantina in Algodones or Raphael’s Silver Cloud
             where they cut your tie off and stuck it to the ceiling
                                if you dared to wear one
  but here at home a friendly realtor or mutual enterprise
      caused that bit of land to be bought and round house, domes
             zomes or friends piling adobes
  as all kinds of bitterness and questioning of what is going on
              with all the noise, the invasion, the place become
                                a mecca
   kids arriving in spangles & big city hippy togs
      but immediately getting into the dirt of real subsistence living –
             who didn’t know how to get their own truck going
      if they had one, but there was always a platform, sound equipment,
and Fourth of July or birthdays, music līve, Cadillac Bob
      Oriental Blue Streak and an enormous potluck
                   dope and dancing, beer and forever
                                       and the Thunderbird
 the centerpiece being a place for performance, for pool
      for locals, for visitors, for poets to read
 for musicians, the venue, the support, a real gig
      famous or not, too loud or not, the drama
             of an evening building to a cooking climax
             whatever that was, if even remembered,
   it would all take its toll as war seems to determine
         everything in America, and time, ruthless thief,
      turns dancing into reflection, but music again
             survives and those who stayed stayed
and the golden dream many had, turned gray,
   and the help-each-other-out-and-live-on-almost-nothing
      faded away into the selfish and more wealthy . . .

when wonder worlds and worlds wonder
 what time gone by
 what turning of the hour of energy
  into the hour of reflection

                                                                              larry goodell 11Feb2012 
for the Thunderbird Bar Show Placitas Community Library
a duende press broadside

an opening night in the Thunderbird Bar, Placitas, New Mexico, ca 1970

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