Friday, July 1, 2011

And Rain

May the wind come in with snow & sleet & rain & hail    all blustery wet    with the Gonads of God grunting in orgasm 
all blustery wet downpour the rain come tilt & fall

Rain Avenue    Rain Wonder    Rain Everywhere    Rain On In An    Rain Un Un Un Inning    Rain Inning    Rain Water One    Watering Rain    One Watering Rain    One Ottering    One Offering    Rain Offering    Rain Any way you take it    Two Can

Rain any way you run    Run an    Two Tuck an    Rain On in an    Rain Tuck In    Rain Tack Tap on    Rain on    Rain down on    Down on drain    Rain street    Lane    Rained    It rained    It will rain.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / from Dry Water, poems 2003
AND RAIN: this is about 2 feet long by 4 inches wide . . . and of course hangs with the lines flowing down . . .

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