Friday, June 24, 2011

The Shape of a Poem: Poetry a Three Dimensional Art Form

I've been thinking about the shape of a poem as it ends up on the page (often as a musical score for spoken voice), and as an object to read from in a live reading. So I added some photographs of Swimming By: Prologue & Song which hangs like a zig-zag snake from my hand when I read it aloud. The actual typed shape of the poem determines the cut out. The zig-zags of the poem are simply keys to pitch level of the voice when reading (or in this case, partially, singing), the farther from the left margin the higher the spoken voice.

Here is the poem & song text with the photos of the place (Sandia Mountain area) and the shape of the poem.

Swimming-by-Prologue-Song by Larry Goodell

I consider poetry a three dimensional art form and intend to put down my thoughts as elaborated recently as part of the poetry craft talks -- P(EAR) held at Alamosa Books in Albuquerque.

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