Friday, March 28, 2014

White Rat Generation - Thataway Prints #5 - 1982

Blueprint edition, therefore it fades, thus "Thataway" by Lenore Goodell using Larry Goodell's "White Rat Generation" poem which is on pp.37-39 of Firecracker Soup, Cinco Puntos Press 1990 The blueprint is 31" by 13½"

Photograph by Lenore Goodell - Larry Goodell with rat mask, rat tail
reading "White Rat Generation"

Text of poem, for reading aloud, back (audience sees) and front.

"White Rat Generation," written November 1982, as in Firecracker Soup.

This poem came out of the intensified development and house building that picked up in the late 70's and became an onslaught in the 80's. For those of us here much earlier and used to the snail's pace change in and around the Village of Placitas, this feverish land grab and rapid development was a living nightmare. I read this poem whenever and wherever I could . . . once in front of some realtors involved in all this. It was all I as a poet could do living through the yuppie phenomenon and the Reagan years . . . thanks to Lenore for doing this "Thataway" print . . . always appreciative, lg.

Larry Goodell / Placitas, New Mexico
from Firecracker Soup, 1990

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