Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teddy Feelia at the Onyx

Teddy Feelia’s new work “Brushed Nuances” is hanging at the Onyx. All the aahs and oohs of the opening have been collected in a large urn inside the gallery. Gallery owner Robert Shoeless the 3rd went through a dozen canisters of Danish butter cookies and uncountable boxes of wine at Teddy Feelia’s opening.

His abstract gouaches and holy water based watercolors of Catholic nun stripteases and muted priests’ behind-the-altar jack-offs caused a tide of decentralization in the gallery mob at the opening. Everyone wore black patten leather boots, perforated and holy jeans and off the shoulder T-shirt remnants and danced, destroying several insured Feelia pictures to the grunge mix Teledildonics – “Art has been annoyed beyond existence,” Teddy piped as he brushed by one of his Brushed Nuances, this one of a pig in heat mating with a sunflower while zombies picked their noses and paraded around barely seen through the overlay of gouache and tarnished sequins.

The show will come down the day after Valentine’s Day so take your lover to Brushed Nuances and add your nuances to the sticky canvasses and be sure to dump your oohs and aahs in the urinal just inside the front door.

Highly recommended.

Gaston La Plume Albuquerque Soiree Society

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