Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh Fertile God

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Thank you Fertile God.
Oh the gods of the ocean expanded
into the clouds for the garden gods
oh the garden gods the dancing gods of
            the earth of the other earths
            of the many earths of many
                        all singing
                        from the mouths of the oceans
                                    clouds and gardens
                        farms and forests
                        mouths of the singers
                                    the birds and lions and panthers
                                    and buffalos & wolves
                                    and elephants and opera singers
                                    and folksingers
                        and everybody in praise for the
               good in the good days
               the good in the bad days
the good ways in bad times
the everything that is, that we who can
work on better:
oh the great enjoyment begins at
                                    any age
as old Fertile Gods you come up from
this Earth, as always you have and will
as the roaring goddesses and mindful
            pleasures of the whole earth
            manured, turned over, furrowed, planted
            as we all sing out
            in speech ways
            in words of the language of all earths
            all earths everywhere
            we work for our food in precious ways
                                        you give us
mindfulness is your dance
                        in the vibrating atoms, harmonious booming
            with salsa backdrop as the tropics elate
            the richness of orchids perfumed and night
                        of foreign moons
            we visit on all Earths
            we relate in our singing how
            singing makes it work and work to play
and harvest
our voices in
the mantle of tropical heaven
here on Earth
as all heavens are only
here on earth.
We weave to be true
in the dance to you
oh Fertile God
            of all the Earths
Thank you.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico
from To Hell With Mumbo Jumbo, poems 1998

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