Saturday, January 7, 2012

Accordion Fold Note Books

my current notebook (NB #71 spread out above) is this type and I made one back in the early 70's (#7) so I put together this parcel of photos and comments & a poem or two from these notebooks . . . Accordion Fold Note Books . . . kind of a little new year's project . . . this is on Issuu . . .  there is a recent poem from my newly assembled NB, Home Space with a link to my reading the poem aloud on Soundclick. 

this photograph is from last october when I needed a notebook and decided to make it out of long cutoff sheets left over from a printing project (probably when I was offset printing Fervent Valley #1 in '72 . . . 

notebook? journal? common-place book? diary? scrapbook? supplemental memory? planner? record book? jotter? absolutely essential tool for many poets including me for containing almost all first writings, the near sacred texts of first given words phrases poems everything part and parcel of life, the voice of authority when any question comes up in typing or checking original statements . . . in almost every instance the notebook writings take priority over later texts and avoid subsequent text-messing . . . again, see . Accordion Fold Note Books 

love to all and happy new year!

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