Saturday, May 28, 2011

from The Lights No Stars Are Made Of

    (front & back cover & one page from my Notebook #54, one of many notebooks
    I made from stacks of my dad's leftover state senate & house stationary.
    this one covers June2000 to August 2001 . . .)

       The Truth of the Matter

         I can’t get enough done.
        Chaos aplenty rules the roost.
       It’s like an unkempt chicken house,
       feathers & shit everywhere.
      I pray to the organization order of the universe
      that produced one fine part, me,
      to connect me, to correct me, to direct me
     through these books, records, papers papers papers
     things scattered about long beyond their use:
     give me simplicity simplicity simplicity.
     Maybe if I keep saying it it will come.
     Oh order, good orderly direction, for goodness sake,
     for power, love, service to others’ sake.
     Take me, make me anew, may I do for once, what is true.

     larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / june 2000 / from The Light No Stars Are Made Of

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