Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Three, for Judy Grahn, Ann Quin, Drum Hadley

In the Chamber of the Goddess to Nowhere

In the chamber of the Goddess to Nowhere
I was taught 3 things:
Don’t underestimate your ability to breathe.
It is not necessary for men to stamp out the earth.
You don’t have to do everything you want to do.
But you already know these things, she said,
when you have nowhere else to go and nothing makes sense
you can always come to me, said the Goddess of Nowhere.

/larry goodell / placitas, nm


Imagination is smarter than your god

goddesses of the goddess of god, my secret benefactress
heritage line of feminine soul, sole creator of the
energy of man
how embarrassing to admit it for the masculine race
the race to dominance won & then possibly lost.
A lost face in the process of rebuilding
until all are truly equal, man woman child
animal plant kingdom, queenland.

/larry goodell / placitas, nm

( Hope )

the above from NB 68

all from Foxhole Prayers, poems 2009 / larry goodell / placitas, new mexico
these are for Judy Grahn, Drum Hadley, Ann Quin, AND Gino Sky . . . . 

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